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Pop Culture CLE

About us

At Pop Culture CLE we make hand crafted, gourmet ice cream in the shape of a popsicle. The difference between our soft serve and scoop ice cream vs our signature ice cream on a stick is the amount of air whipped into it! Scoop Ice cream is 10%+ milk fat and lots of air whipped into it, Gelato is less fat and less air whipped into it that creates a very rich flavor, Pop Culture CLE makes an ice cream which is poured directly into molds and no air is whipped into it - which makes the absolute richest in flavor, as well as a creamy and dense (no air) frozen delightful dessert.  

We also make whimsical desserts and ice cream cakes. 

Come try what everyone is talking about....

Visit our sister companies "Ice Cream Barlour" and "Batter, Cake & Dough". Ice Cream Barlour  serves tipsy ice cream, boozy milkshakes, poptails, beersicles, boozy slushies, dessert and alcohol pairings and craft cocktails. 

The birth of Batter Cake and Dough originated because people are looking for more authentic and provenance in everything they consume. The owner-operator nature of street food is gaining in popularity – while the corporate cookie-cutter culture is looking tired. 

Direct from the streets of the Netherlands, Belgium and France you can find Poffertjes a traditional Dutch batter treat that resembles small, fluffy pancakes; Liege waffles which are made with a brioche yeast dough and are studded with pearl sugar; Crepes a thin, delicate pancake-like dessert. These freshly made desserts will be served daily with a variety of toppings. You will also find bread pudding, cakes, brownies, cinnamon rolls and cookies. 

Catering orders: https://form.jotform.com/240154906988164

It all started with brunch, and my first “pop tail” – a fresh strawberry basil frozen confection served with Prosecco – was born! It was such a hit that my friends told me I should go into business selling these. I spent my entire life working in sales in corporate America, and I thought, “I could sell ice pops to polar bears!” I also relished the thought of working with my hands and creating delicious things made from wholesome, fresh ingredients, so I began reinventing myself and started this journey of doing something I truly love.

I was inspired by my travels - equating street fairs, street vendors, and street food with FUN! The unique flavor combinations of Mexican ice pops or ‘paletas’ and the warm satisfyingly sweet Liège waffles from Belgium were the first ones calling out to me. See the dream…feel the elation! That’s me in a nutshell – go big or go home!

The first year I did over 100 events – including grad parties, weddings, farmers markets, and festivals. I had a food truck, a trailer, and 5 carts-including a bike cart! People were loving my gourmet ice cream- popsicle style. They started out non-dairy and vegan, made with coconut milk and an array of whole fruit but soon expanded to include a creamy custard base, Liège waffles, dips and topping options, and other “street” confections. Pop Culture gourmet ice cream- popsicle style, is also sold at the Chagrin Falls Popcorn Shop local events, and seasonal markets. Whew! I’m tired of just telling you all this, but we’re not done yet! Our new retail location has opened in Solon and features many new, delicious options we are excited to share with you. We have lots of vegan options, including vegan soft serve. Our menu changes often so come frequently to try something new!