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At Pop Culture CLE we make hand crafted, gourmet ice cream in the shape of a popsicle. The difference between our soft serve and scoop ice cream vs our signature ice cream on a stick is the amount of air whipped into it! Scoop Ice cream is 10%+ milk fat and lots of air whipped into it, Gelato is less fat and less air whipped into it that creates a very rich flavor, Pop Culture CLE makes an ice cream which is poured directly into molds and no air is whipped into it - which makes the absolute richest in flavor, as well as a creamy and dense (no air) frozen delightful dessert.  

We also make whimsical desserts and ice cream cakes. 

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Grand opening of our sister company "Ice Cream Barbour" is happening. A place where your inner child meets your adult. We will be serving tipsy ice cream, boozy milkshakes, poptails, beersicles, boozy slushies, dessert and alcohol pairings and craft cocktails.

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We create a variety of vegan frozen treats

We create small hand-crafted batches of gourmet ice cream, gelato, and sorbet made into popsicle style.

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    Gluten-free and vegan menu items

    Gourmet Ice Cream Popsicle Style & other delectable hand crafted Desserts
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    A unique Ice Cream Experience and Hand-Crafted Gourmet Confections
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33549 Solon Road
Solon, OH


Closed on major holiday
M, T, W, T, F, S, S 4-9pm